A river is a constant force that continuously evolves as it carves its path toward the sea. It moves through the seasons enriching the cycle of nature, creating a symbiotic relationship above and below the water’s surface. Like a river, our menus are constantly evolving, and what dishes you see today may take a different form tomorrow.

Below you’ll find samples of our menu our team curates daily

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subject to change


Sample Tasting Menu

a series of SNACKS to begin

a raw east beach blonde OYSTER from rhode island with chicken jelly and uni

tartare of MACKEREL with cauliflower tapenade and chickweed

dutch baby with AMERICAN CAVAIR and maple

salad of PEAS & HAM with buttermilk, lavender and peanuts

lightly grilled SURF CLAM with coffee shoyu

fried QUAIL with malted grains and fermented honey

dry aged DUCK with honeynut squash, apple and cardamom

a dessert of MILK & HONEY with oats and vanilla

preserved STRAWBERRIES with elderflower cream


subject to change




subject to change